Girl code. 

Some of you out there might already know the integrity of girl code but some of you might have forgotten along the way the certain rules we all live by well most of us. So, I have summed up what I think are the most important commandments of girl code we should all remember. Here we go ladies. 

1. We shall pee together till the end of time. Boys will never understand why we go to the bathroom together, but we go together for perfectly important reasons. The most important is too gossip and it’s usually about the boys were with. Second we check in On each other’s make up to see if it’s still on fleek as the night goes on and the more drunker we get we need a second opinion. And I’m just going to come out and say this one, sometimes we need to do the number two and we need our girlfriends to talk too, don’t ask us why, it’s girl code. 

2. Don’t go for a friends guy. I don’t care if it’s joe shmo from the bar you kissed when you were drunk or the guy you talked to last year and especially not a friends ex. There’s a million guys in the world don’t get yourself wrapped into one that was sleeping with your friend. First your friendship should be more important then any guy and second it’s weird you would want to put your vagina in the same place your friends was first. Girl code. 

3. Don’t let your friend hook up with an ugly guy. She is not your friend if she lets you slobber all over a guy with missing teeth. Once we start drinking it always happens the ugly guy at the end of the bar starts too look more and more like Ryan gosling and the next thing you know your tongue deep in a Mclovin look alike. But your friend should stop this before it happens by casually knocking some sense into you until your beer googles turn back into 20/20 eye sight. Girl code. 

4. Tell your friend when she is looking bad. We all have those bad days, when our face is breaking out or our hair is starting to look like something has been living in there for about 6 months. And sometimes we look fat. Some outfits do not flatter us and it’s up to our girlfriends to speak with no filter. I give full range to my Friends to tell me when I do not look on point. That is your job. Girl code. 

5. Back your girl up. If another girl is mean to your friend just know you are ride or dies. It doesn’t matter if that girl did nothing to you. When you became friends you made a pack and if someone comes up in your pack and tries to mess with your friend, it’s girl code to not be nice to that girl either. And I don’t mean be intentionally mean to her, just don’t be her friend. It’s called loyalty and some of you girls might have forgotten that along the way. Girl code. 

6. Tell her when she is being a bitch. We can all sometimes wake up and be a roaring asshole and sometimes take out our frustration on our girlfriends. But it’s up to my girls to tell me to stfu and put me in my place when it needs to be done. I will always trust a girl who tells it like it is then when one doesn’t say anything at all. Because that means she cares. Girl code. 

7. Ride or die. Be there for her. Hold her when she needs it, give her advice even when she can’t bear to hear it. Hug her when she looks like she is about to cry and most importantly when a guy breaks her heart or fucks her over and she is too weak to think, you are the one that plans the revenge. Girl code. 

8. Don’t leave your girl for a guy. Yes you may be Inlove and can’t think straight because this guy has invaded your brain with fuzzy hearts and rainbows but remember that your girlfriends were here first and will be there after. “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with,” Candace Bushnell. 

These are just some of the things we live by, girl code is not just rules for girls it’s a lifestyle. ❤️


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