Mother’s Day 

Here’s to the Momma’s, we love you

Let me start off by saying, I love my mom. I love her for her weird quirks and the way she just talks really loud for  no reason. I love that when I’m sad I know I can go to her and she won’t judge me or tell me “I told you so.” She will just hold me until I can breathe again. I love when she sneezes and it’s literally the most obnoxious sneeze in the world, but that’s her. I love when she gets on my case, even though it annoys me, it shows me that she cares. The only person that will have my back till the end, is my mother and that makes me feel safe. Since Mother’s Day is around the corner I’ve decided to write a blog that I think everyone who loves their mother will appreciate. Let’s show our Momma’s some loving because really, where would we be without them?

She gave birth to you. Not only did she hold your heavy ass for nine months, she pushed you out and it was probably the most painful thing she has ever done. You are her whole world, you have a very interesting bond with your mother, whether you like it or not. She held you in her arms until you stopped crying, and the first look between you two will forever be in her heart. She bathed you, fed you, dressed you and protected you when you couldn’t do so yourself. When the time comes that it’s the other way around and she needs the extra help I hope you take care of her the way she took care of you.

She taught you new things. When I was in kindergarten everyone knew how to tie their shoes, so when mine came undone I was so embarrassed because I simply did not know how to do it. And asking another classmate was just awful. So, one day my mother sat me down as I was crying and told me, “we are not leaving this couch until you learn to tie those shoes”. She taught me one of the simplest things in the world and when I was 6 I was forever grateful because I could go to school the next day and tell those kids to shove it. Well, you know in a total G rated way. Our moms teach us so many things through our life. Don’t take her lessons for granted, she has been through hell and high water  way before us. Not only did she teach me how to tie my shoes but she also taught me to stick up for myself when it was needed. So, I owe my spunk to you. The forever badass- my mother.

She protected you. When you were hurt she kissed you and made it feel all better. When you felt lost she brought you back with just a hug and telling you it was going to be okay. When girls/boys were mean to you, just know if they were older our moms probably would have punched them. She held your hand at the doctor when you thought the doctor was trying to kill you. When someone broke your heart for the first time she helped you through it. All the nights I would cry myself to sleep she would lay with me and just hold me until I felt better. She sat with me and talked me through all my hard times. And I’m positive I owe my mother for saving me and bringing me back from the hardest times of my life. Just because I don’t say it enough, thank you.

She loves you. No matter what. No matter how many times you screw up she loves you. She loves you for your weird quirks. She loves when you get excited over the smallest things. She loves seeing you smile. She loves kissing you and hugging you, even though as we get older we make it more difficult for that to happen but she finds her ways. Your mother will always love you until her last breath. Don’t take her for granted. Her love for you is unconditional. She loves you at your worst and she loves you at your best. 

Mommy I love you, you are truly an unforgettable mother. Our mothers  have the hardest job of them all, raising us lunatics. So, I salute you. I probably don’t tell you enough but you are my world I owe you everything that has given me happiness in my life. You are my Momma and forever will be. Here’s to the Momma’s. 

Happy Mother’s Day!  

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