5 reasons why you should move on

Okay boys I don’t want to offend you but this one is about you today. Not to give you all a bad rep, because girls can be hard to deal with sometimes also, but at any rate some of you little boys need to learn when to grow up. At this age you’re more than ready to put your big boy panties on and stop being little shits. I’m  tired of hearing so many stories of guys treating their women like lunch, you eat it and then you throw it away; pun intended. I’m tired of listening to girls cry because you idiots did something again to ruin what you had. I know sometimes us girls are to blame too, but today I’m writing about you gentleman, how lucky are you? Instead of cheating, lying, and being total losers why not, I don’t know, be good to your women and if it’s not working talk about it and see if you can do something to fix the situation instead of just cheating and having your cake and eating it too. Yes, us ladies can be irrational at times and maybe that’s why you don’t like to tell the truth, but at the end of the day we would rather be hurt by the truth then hurt by a lie because the truth we can get over, but lies just stick with us. Ladies if your man has broken your heart one too many times, it’s time to move on, get the fuck out before it’s too late. It sucks to give up on something you worked so hard for but a good relationship shouldn’t be hard work, it should be fun. An ex is an ex for a reason, don’t bring old milk back in and expect it to not be spoiled. So, I have come up with some tell-tale signs that it’s time to throw your old shit away and cash in for something better.

If he cheats on you. Okay I know we like to give second chances which turn into 10 chances but from experience if your man is cheating on you continuously, he’s not going to change his ways. You have given him so many chances that basically he thinks it’s okay to walk all over you because whats the worst that is going to happen, you’re going to cry and he’s going to say sorry, and oh look, you’re back together. Don’t let this be you. If he cheats on you and you take him back and he actually does change the error of his ways, good for you because that is like seven percent of guys. But for the rest of you with the 93 percent, put a little pep in your step and move on. You’re not going to settle down and have a great life with a serial cheater. There is someone way better out there for you, you just have to learn to let go and start over.

If he lies. White lies are one thing, but if you catch your man lying about where he is or who he’s with, don’t be down with that. Trust is a huge thing in a relationship and without trust you have nothing. Your man should be telling you where he is going and who he is hanging out with. That is not too much to ask, so don’t let him make you think that. There is no reason to keep the truth from your partner, no matter what. The truth is always better than a lie.

If he is not in love with you. Sometimes we can just tell. And it sucks to know the man you love doesn’t feel the same way about you. But it’s better to not waste either of your time any longer. If he doesn’t make you his world then you shouldn’t try to make him yours. Shit happens sometimes but the universe is just gearing up to send you someone special in the future.

If he aggressively puts you down. Just because you’re physically not getting it, you mentally are, which is just as hurtful as the other. You shouldn’t have to come home from a long day and hear it from your man. He should think you are beautiful just the way you are. I’ve been through it and many people I know. You deserve better then being called ugly, fat, or worthless. Because you are worth it, more than you know. And don’t let some shithead with his own insecurities bring you down.

If you’re not happy. Your happiness is basically the only thing that should matter and if you’re having more cloudy days then sunny, it’s time to move on. It’s hard, no one wants to start all over with someone new, it’s just so much work. It’s easier to put up with an idiot because at least you have some consistency. But really the work is worth it to really find someone special that treats you the way you’re suppose to be treated. I know from experience that there are good guys out there that will knock some sense into you, and you’ll never really know why you spent so much time wasting on that other guy.

Therefore, I hope this puts some insight into all this for you. We all go though it just like the next person. But once you’ve been hurt, pick yourself up and keep moving. Know your worth and realize you are strong enough to let go and start over. Don’t let someone make you feel stuck because no one has that power over you. Yeah, it seems hard now but think about this in five years, will all this petty bullshit still matter?

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